XP3 is an industrial strength commercial-grade fuel enhancer that only contains functional and purely concentrated compounds.
Different than retail, consumer-grade additives, which contain diluting fillers and non functional ingredients, because of the retail consumer markets they are intended for.

Ratings, Tests and Technical Specifications

ASTM D-7687 tested, effectively controls and inhibits formation of microbial growth and algae in diesel fuels.

ASTM D-6890 and D-613 tested, increases Cetane from 41.5 to 46.2 with the Xp3DC formulation. Double and triple dosing increases Cetane levels further. See instructions for details.

D-6079 HFRR and D-5001 BOLCE tested, adds lubricity from 360 to 300 in the BOLCE test and from .610 to .460 in the HFRR test. Lower number = less metal scaring and better lubricity.

Dyno tested on a 6.6 Duramax Diesel, increases torque from 834 to 845 (+11 ft. lbs) with the Xp3D, 834 to 850 (+16 ft. lbs) double dosed and from 834 to 870 (+36 ft. lbs) with the Xp3DC formulation.

Neutralizes low temperature corrosion caused by sulfuric acid generated in combustion and acts as a
combustion catalyst, providing a more complete burn of the fuel and less unburnt hydrocarbons/pollution.

Superior detergency breaks down and cleans out soot, deposits, sludge, gums, varnishes and residues.

Protects against water and moisture related problems and against oxidation, fouling and phase separation
of fuels. Counters the negative effects of ethanol and bio-blended fuels.

Registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) since 1996.

Warranty safe. Does not alter the ASTM specification of fuels and is backed by a 25-year warranty.

Only contains active components in their pure form and no retail fillers of any kind.

Classified as an industrial strength, commercial grade fuel additive, with concentrated dosage
mix ratios of 1:4000 (300ppm) for diesel and 1:3200 (312ppm) for gasoline.

Xp3 treats over 4 billion litres of fuel globally every year.
ISO 9001 certified.