DB16K Xp3 Diesel Biocide Eradicator - Treats 16000 litres

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DB16K Jug treats up to 16,000 litres of infected diesel fuel.

Recommended course of action for infected tanks.
  • INFECTED TANK: Double dose the first treatment, then regular dose the next 2 treatments.
  • RELATED TANKS: Do the same with any other machine that may have been getting fuel from the suspected infected tank.
  • After the eradication treatment cycle is completed, use XP3D regular to prevent recurrence, and future risks of biocidal contamination. (The XP3D attacks and fully disperses water and moisture in the fuel, creating a more homogenous fuel and removing the food source, oxygen in the water, for microbacteria to take root again. Plus added benefits of better fuel injector and injector pump lubricity, detergency to keep carbon, soot and deposits away and better performance of your engines are extra benefits of using XP3D.)
This product is for industrial professional use only, not retail. Make sure to follow personal protection protocols as described in the manufacturer's literature.

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